The best accounting cover letter examples are more than just introductory notes to a prospective employer. The correspondence has to be something that catches the eye of a recruiter or hiring manager. An inability to do that is going to result in a candidate’s credentials going no further than a preliminary glance.

Sheer Volumes of Paper

Any accounting opening will result in dozens if not hundreds of responses. A recruiter or hiring manager may have to go through several hundred pages of letters and resumes. It can amount to a small book, and there simply isn’t time. The cover letter has got to be able to stop the reader in his or her tracks. It must contain information that creates immediate interest. If it is able to do so, the cover letter and attached resume will be put into separate pile for future consideration. It means that a candidate has gone through the first phase of the selection process.

A CPA Cover Letter Sample Contains Results

A CPA is somebody who is a highly professional accountant. This person needs to have a cover letter that demonstrates results, and not just a team player attitude. There needs to be information regarding achievements that have been reached, and the level of responsibility the candidate’s accustomed to working with. These are points of interest that spark more than passing attention. A well-crafted cover letter can result in a person being immediately called in for an interview ahead of other candidates. There really is that kind of potential in the prose.

The Information Categories

The composition of a good CPA cover letter sample can follow a set format. After the introductory comments, the writer can discuss academic achievements including professional designations. The next part, which would be the body of the letter, can go into detail about the professional work responsibilities and goals met by the candidate. Emphasis should be placed on concrete figures or evidence of success. If a candidate has technical expertise such as the ability to work with QuickBooks or accounting software, sentence or two can be used to mention these.

The final part of the cover letter has to be a call to action. The candidate expresses a desire to have an interview at a mutually convenient time, and perhaps mention he or she will be calling to check on the progress of the paperwork. It is also an opportunity to invite the recruiter or hiring manager to request additional information. The cover letter is a marketing piece that draws attention and stimulates the need for an interview. Properly written, the cover letter can advance a candidate’s credentials to the top of the pile of resumes. For the first phase of the employment process, that is a very good result.