Many people want to get a position in government. There is a sense of security and also great benefits that can be very attractive. Veterans of the military in particular would like to continue to be of service and government accounting jobs can be very appealing. When looking for a position that public-sector a person does have to keep in mind this little bit different than seeking employment in the private sector. There are a few nuances of have to be observed.

An Accountancy Career in Government Starts with the Application Process

Neither the cover letter nor the resume should be generic. An applicant has to carefully scrutinize the job description, and be able to demonstrate how his or her qualifications and accomplishments fit the text. Certain keywords found in the job description have got to be in the resume. It is because computer scans are ordinarily used to find qualified candidates. Persistence is going to be extremely important. There are many people trying to get jobs in government, and it is possible that an applicant will have to apply to several accounting jobs in order to be considered.

The Process Can Be Tedious

Even though person understands that getting a government job is not going to be easy, the long road can be very disheartening. Inexperience with the government employment process can lead to serious frustration. Furthermore, not being fully able to understand keywords and where they should be placed can stop an application before it even gets moving along. Many accounts have very serious qualifications and would do well in the government. It is simply a problem of not being able to express those qualifications in a resume that holds them back. In the quest to find a job in government it may be necessary to use the services of a professional third-party. These experts can cut through some of the horrific red tape.

We Can Be of Service

We are familiar with government hiring practices and have a good idea of what type of key words are necessary for a given position. Our staff has prepared accounting resumes to be submitted to government, and they are very familiar with the requirements of the job descriptions. A resume that we prepare will be submitted to the client for final approval and revision. The intention is to have the resume be picked up by a computer scan and then hopefully placed in the hands of a hiring manager. The rest is the person’s ability to promote his or her talents in an interview.

The good news is that CPAs are looked on favorably by government. Anyone who has such designation will have less problem that others in securing an interview. By having a resume drafted that is sensitive to keywords and the requirements of a given position, and person can increase the chances of getting that all-important interview. Having that well-prepared resume is a strong incentive to have professionals do the heavy lifting.

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