Students are told by the college career office that an internship is an absolute necessity in order to land a good first job. The young people are aware of this but sometimes they have a bit of a problem: they do not know how to write a cover letter for accounting internship purposes. Not everybody is good at writing down their thoughts and many times these students feel very awkward. It is an important piece of correspondence and many students are not quite sure what to do.

Securing Accounting Internships Takes a Little Marketing Skill

The cover letter is definitely a marketing instrument. It is not just an introduction to a company or organization. A student has to be able to put his or her best foot forward without being obnoxious. The best letters are ones that have good flow to them and are not stiff. The writing skills are acquired over the years. Good written communication is not always something that is natural for an accounting person. Not having word dexterity can put a student at a very severe disadvantage.

Accounting Students Are Not Wordsmiths

Difficulty with writing is understandable. Accounting students work best with numbers and statistical facts. Being able to write effectively is not always something that is easy for them. Much of the language of accounting is very technical and precise. Adjectives and adverbs are not always at the fingertips of an accounting student who’s composing a letter. Moreover, cover letters have to exude a certain amount of confidence besides just simple eagerness. Such self-assuredness can be something very difficult to communicate in writing. We can be of service to any student looking for accounting internships.

We Are Staffed by Professionals

Those who work for us have made writing their profession. They’ve written numerous internship cover letters and they have a good idea of what companies are looking for. They can take the initial information from a student and weave it into a text that makes a sincere impression on the hiring managers. Without over exaggeration or pompous phrases, our writers portray the intern as someone who can be relied on. We always let a client look at the draft of a cover letter and will make any revisions or changes requested. The final product is something that the student can be proud to use.

An opportunity to have a rewarding internship should not be blocked by a stiff cover letter. We can take a person’s information and help develop something that grabs the right attention. We take great pride in the correct grammar and sentence structure of our work, and the final document has perfect spelling. We view a cover letter as a marketing piece and we are confident that what we compose will help a student achieve an interview for that desired internship.