The most important marketing piece that a job seeker has is a resume. CPA designations are good, but very few people are hired just by having one certification. There has to be a history of academic achievement as well as job experience. Depending on the given job, certain experiences and responsibilities need to be on the resume.

The Story of the Working Life

Summer jobs held in school are not very relevant less they happen to be internships. A candidate should have a resume that notes going backwards all of the positions of responsibility he or she has held. The descriptions of each position need not be exhaustive. However, there should be a brief explanation of the job duties that were required. Any solid facts such as statistical data (e.g. the size of accounts, etc.) would be important to have in the position descriptions.

Short Is Sweet

Anyone who is trying to land the first job or has limited experience would have a fairly brief resume. A resume more than one page is usually the property of someone who has been in the working arena for number of years, and has had several positions. For someone who is just starting out it is important to keep the resume brief, sticking only to pertinent facts. It is because at this level of position there are numerous applicants. Recruiters rarely have time to review a resume of several pages.

Our Sample Accounting Resume Gives Guidance

People who are not familiar with writing a resume can run into composition problems. They may be uncertain as to what words or phrases would best demonstrate competence and achievement. We can appreciate this challenge and we recognize it is not the fault of an individual. We have sample accounting resume to give an idea of how this important document needs to be formatted and what information needs to be included. We have professional resume writers on staff who have worked with accounting resumes in the past. Their insights can point out strengths that the client may not even be aware he or she possesses. While the sample resume is something to look at, it is best to have one of our professionals work with you to design a resume CPA. After all, this is your working story is being written.

Member of our staff will help you develop the resume based on the information you provide. All of our clients are given a draft to review and request revisions. The final copy is intended to be something that any accounting manager would be interested in, and perhaps wish to schedule an interview.