There are not many people who are content to be in one job for all their career. Anyone with ambition must be willing to progress to a position of higher authority, or one that is enriching and fulfilling. At the same time an accounting career is built on a series of decisions and moves that either are a direct advancement, or position an individual for career improvement. A number of strategies are involved.

Accounting As a Career Requires Skill Building

People who work with numbers and are fact finders have an inclination towards accounting. Mastery of the basics of accounting is the first career step, and more skills are needed to assure progress. Professional accountants will all admit that becoming a Certified Professional Account (CPA) is a major step forward in an accounting as a career. However, it is one among many skill rungs in the ladder of a career. An accountant can build up a toolkit with talents such as the ability to work with QuickBooks, prepare financial statements, and do internal auditing among other sets of knowledge. What is essential is to remember that self-improvement and skill development will help advance the career.

Job Movement May Be Important

The days of working for one employer alone are part of history. It isn’t very likely that a person is going to work at one company or organization for entire career. Indeed, career advancement may require several moves. Changing jobs ought to have a purpose in mind. An individual should not just move for a higher salary, but the opportunity to improve and gain experience with new responsibilities. Strategic placements are important. For example, an individual may start out with an accounting firm and then moving to the accounting department of one of the clients. That is acceptable in the profession and very commonplace.

The Need for a Good Resume

A career minded accountant maintains a current resume. That career document is updated every time a new skill is attained or a job achievement has been reached. A resume is a living document in every person’s career and it has to be well written and clear. It is a testimony to an individual’s achievements and aspirations; both messages need to be conveyed in understandable language. If an accountant has difficulty with written communication there is nothing wrong with having a professional prepare the resume. As a matter fact, in many cases it is actually a very smart decision. A highly skilled professional resume writer can take an ordinary resume and make it look spectacular. That is what catches the attention of a hiring manager and helps set the stage for a productive interview.

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