It is something that accountants know they have to have yet at the same time they dread having to write. A resume is a marketing piece that is necessary for securing a great position in an accounting firm or the accounting area of a corporation. This is not a casual piece of prose. A good resume can land a great position and a bad one ends up in circular file. It takes a little homework to understand how to write an accounting resume. It is time well spent and there are a few tips on how to write a great one.

Professional Accounting Resume Writing Has A Certain Style

This is not a general resume. A good accounting resume has to highlight expertise in the field. It should demonstrate a level of confidence in either general accounting, or some specific field such as tax. The choice of words will be important and a smart idea would be to have a thesaurus close by. There is a temptation for some people to rewrite the English language with words that look professional. Unfortunately, that just makes the resume look stiff and awkward. The words have to have a certain logic and flow to catch the eyes of the reviewer. Any experience is important to note. That may be just an internship in some cases, but it is essential. Technical skills show that a company stands to gain from hiring you. That could include proficiency in Excel or QuickBooks.

The Power of the Cover Letter

This is included with the resume and it is far more important than can be imagined. Recruiters don’t have time to wade through page after page of a resume. The cover letter will serve as a composite of all of the main points. The cover letter can highlight some of the compliments which would make the recruiter interested in the resume itself. While it is a separate document, the cover letter is absolutely critical to the success of an accounting resume.

Allow Us to Be of Assistance

We respect the fact that accountants are more comfortable with numbers than words. Our staff consists of experts in resume writing. These people better understand what recruiters are looking for in the text, and they will compose a resume that catches the eye. They will do the same work with the cover letter. These masters of phrases will compose a resume for a client’s inspection, making those changes that a client feels is necessary. The final result of our work is an accounting resume that stands out in the stack. While we cannot guarantee that it will land a job, we are confident that the resumes we write will help a person get that all important interview.

A poorly written resume is a stumbling block on the accountant’s career path. We can provide the kind of marketing piece that will highlight strong capabilities and accomplishments. We take great pride in working with the client and producing an exceptional document. Our former clients have all expressed great satisfaction with our efforts, and consider our service to been a major reason for securing a sought after position.

Our cpa resume writing service knows how to evaluate your prior career and show an accounting firm that you have everything it takes to take their business to the next level!